Friday, February 21, 2014

Al Qaeda Terrorists Use Tamil Diaspora and LTTE to funnel Money and Weapons for Jihadist Activities!

Interesting Article: "Link Grows Between Terrorism, Organized Crime, Officials Say" by Karen Parrish, American Forces Press Service, Washington, D.C.

An interesting article mentioned that the two missions of fighting terrorism and combating global organized crime are increasingly linked.

“Terrorism, drug trafficking and other forms of transnational organized crime are increasingly intertwined,” Michael A. Sheehan, assistant secretary of defense for special operations and low-intensity conflict noted, adding that his office -- which is responsible for overall supervision of special operations forces -- is uniquely positioned to provide policy guidance and program oversight to the department’s efforts in both missions.

William F. Wechsler, deputy assistant secretary of defense for counternarcotics and global threats noted trends in terrorism and transnational crime:
-- Terrorist groups are adopting criminal techniques, including drug trafficking, to raise funds;
-- Criminal organizations are adopting terrorist techniques, such as beheadings;
-- Terrorist organizations and criminal organizations that have been separate are now “working together in ways that previously we hadn't seen.

An analyst may begin by asking this question in another way; “Why would terrorist organizations and illicit actors not work together? Assessing this type of relationship depends not entirely on the nature of what a terrorist organization or illicit network is, by definition, but also on the methodologies these entities and actors employ and where they operate in order to achieve their objectives. Transnational criminal organizations and terrorist groups may not be linked strongly by ideological purpose in all cases; however, both such actors and their networks rely on a hierarchy of needs including two main “resources”: people and money.

Countering the nexus of terrorist and criminal activity demands the robust capability to identify and penetrate emerging and established networks in order to de-link the chains that service exploitation streams for participating organizations and affiliate units.

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UPDATE AS OF MAY 2014: Lankan with Al-Qaeda links arrested in Malaysia