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God Bless America! We will Never Forget!

"With the twin towers and the Pentagon still smoldering, our country on edge, and a stream of intelligence coming in about potential new attacks, my administration faced immediate challenges. We had to respond to the attack on our country. We had to wage an unprecedented war against an enemy unlike any we had fought before. We had to find the terrorists hiding in America and across the world before they were able to strike our country again. So in the early days and weeks after 9/11, I directed our government's senior national security officials to do everything in their power, within our laws, to prevent another attack." -President Bush


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Why making friends with the Taliban might be a good idea!

Interesting Article: "Taliban to Open Qatar Office in Step to Formal Talks" by Matthew Rosenberg / Kabul published Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

An interesting article in the New York Times mentioned that the Taliban, giving its first major public sign that it may be ready for formal talks with the American-led coalition in Afghanistan, announced Tuesday that it had struck a deal to open a political office in Qatar that could allow for direct negotiations over the endgame in the Afghan war. It was unclear, however, whether the Taliban was interested in working toward a comprehensive peace settlement or mainly in ensuring that NATO ends its operations in Afghanistan as scheduled in 2014, which would remove a major obstacle to the Taliban’s return to power in all or part of the country.  So what is the U.S’s strategy in allowing this?

Head of Indian 26/11 massacre Arrested!

Interesting Article: "India arrests suspect in Mumbai terrorist attacks" by Richard Lindell / India published Tuesday, June 16th, 2012.

An interesting article mentioned that Abu Hamza, also known as Sayed Zabiuddin, was detained by police at Delhi international airport late last week. The 30-year-old is alleged to have coordinated the 10 terrorists who attacked various targets in Mumbai. From a base in the Pakistani city of Karachi, Hamza allegedly issued instructions by telephone to the 10 Islamist gunmen as they stormed two luxury hotels, a Jewish centre, a restaurant and a train station in Mumbai. Would you like to know more?

2019 Prediction for the Next Terrorist Hot Spot: AFRICA!

Interesting Article: "Terrorist attacks will be harder to prevent" by Amanda Erickson. The Washington Post. December 28 2018.

An interesting article mentioned that Terrorism was down around the world and data collected by the University of Maryland shows that the number of terrorist attacks has dropped every year since 2015. That may not hold in 2019 and we will see more action from 1 continent in the world more than any other.

Would you like to know more?