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Syrian Al Qaeda Terrorist Units move closer to controlling parts of Syria!

Interesting Article: " The other red line " by The Economist, Washington, DC, published Saturday, May 18th, 2013 An interesting article mentioned that For all the agonizing in Western capitals about whether to channel weapons to “moderate” rebel militias in Syria and the renewed attempts to find a diplomatic solution to the civil war, one issue above all others is dominating the thinking of military planners, intelligence agencies and their political masters: the increasing danger of the regime’s vast stock of chemical weapons getting into the hands of groups with links to al-Qaeda. When reports surfaced last month about possible use of sarin, a nerve agent, by regime forces, supposedly crossing a red line drawn earlier by Barack Obama, the White House was keen to play the incidents down. If the use was small-scale and limited, of course it was deplorable and warranted rigorous investigation. It was not just that the evidence of what exactly had happened was regarded as in