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Killing of U.S Diplomat is a Sign of Middle East Jihadists Taking Over Moderate Countries!

Interesting Article: " Struggle for Ideological Upper Hand in Muslim World Seen as Factor in Attacks " by Robert Worth / Doha published Friday, September 12, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that in the wake of angry anti-American protests and the killing of the American ambassador and three other diplomatic workers in Benghazi, Libya, there was a return to sadly familiar ground. The cause, as in earlier riots that followed the burning of Korans in Afghanistan and the publication of anti-Islamic cartoons in Denmark, was a perceived blasphemy — in this case a video clip that denigrated the Prophet Muhammad. Would you like to know more?

"Make no mistake, we will pursue and we will fight them wherever they go. There is no place that will be safe for them to hide from justice!"

Interesting Article: " On 9/11, al Qaeda looks to Syria to revive its fortunes " by Paul Cruickshank / Washington, DC published Tuesday, September 11th 2012. An interesting article mentioned that many of al Qaeda’s senior figures, including Osama bin Laden, are dead or captured as a result of counter-terrorism operations in Pakistan. Those lost include many of its operational experts, such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Younis al Mauretani and Rashid Rauf. Most of al Qaeda’s terrorist plots against the West since 9/11 have been aborted or broken up. The group's sources of finance in the Gulf have come under remorseless attack from the U.S. Treasury and encrypted documents discovered last year by German intelligence revealed an organization under pressure, scrambling to find new ways of attacking the West. So, have we defeated al-Qaeda?

Pakistani Militants Stepping up Attacks on U.S Diplomats!

Interesting Article: " 2 US Consulate Employees Wounded in Pakistan Blast " by VOA / Peshawar, published Monday, September 3rd, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that the U.S. embassy in Islamabad says two American consulate personnel in Peshawar and two Pakistani staff members were killed Monday in what the embassy describes as “an apparent terrorist attack.” Would you like to know more?