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Salafist Terrorism on the Rise in Tunisia!

Interesting Article " Tunisia arrests 5 suspects after failed suicide attacks " by Hamida Ben Salah (AFP) / Published Thursday, October 31, 2013 An interesting article mentioned that Tunisian security forces on Wednesday arrested five Salafist "terrorists" with links to two failed attacks in coastal resort towns, the first suicide bids in the country for more than a decade. The suicide bomber struck early on Wednesday at the four-star Riadh Palms hotel, in the resort town of Sousse, a popular tourist destination 140 kilometers (90 miles) south of Tunis. Within just half an hour, security forces foiled another suicide attack by an 18-year-old man on the tomb of former president Habib Bourguiba, in neighboring Monastir, 20 kilometers along the coast. Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Laroui said those behind the attacks belonged to Ansar al-Sharia, Tunisia's main Salafist movement, which the authorities have designated a "terrorist organization" with t

Al Shabaab Makes it's Entrance into Global Terrorism!

Interesting Article: " Somalia: Puntland Military Attacks Al-Shabaab Bases in Golis Mountains " by Sabahi/Washington DC published 30 September 2013 An interesting article mentioned that Puntland security forces raided al-Shabaab bases in Sugure village near the Golis Mountains on Saturday (September 28th), killing one militant and wounding three others, Somalia's Garowe Online reported. Puntland forces have recently scaled up their operations in the mountainous area, where the al-Shabaab-affiliated Golis Mountain Militia launches its attacks. Shabaab, which is often incorrectly described by some terrorism analysts as a local jihadist group interested only in taking control of Somalia, made clear in another tweet (via their press officer) that it is striving to implement a global Islamic Caliphate (Khilaafa): "A new era is on the horizon. A new dawn, illuminating the path towards #Khilaafa.” It's a paradigm shift. While the double suicide attack in Uganda in