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Extremists in Sweden!

Interesting Article: " Two held for shooting imam in northern Sweden " by The Local / Sweden published Thursday, May 17th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned Two men have been arrested in connection with the attempted murder of an imam who remains in a coma nearly three months after being shot in the head in northern Sweden. They are suspected of involvement in the February 22nd shooting of Obydkhon Sobitkhony Nazarov, who had served as an imam in Strömsund , where he has lived since coming to Sweden in 2006 as a political refugee from Uzbekistan . Incidences like this can lead to what many see as continual resurgence of Muslim extremism and terrorism. Read More:

How Iran Helps Syrian Regime!

Interesting Article: " Iran flouts U.N. sanctions, sends arms to Syria: panel " by Louis Charbonneau / United Nations Published Friday, May 17th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that Syria remains the top destination for Iranian arms shipments in violation of a U.N. Security Council ban on weapons exports by the Islamic Republic, according to a confidential report on Iran sanctions-busting seen by Reuters on Wednesday. Iran, like Russia, is one of Syria's few allies as it presses ahead with a 14-month old assault on opposition forces determined to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Read More:

Latest on Iran!

Interesting Article: " U.S. Has Plans to Attack Tehran, Says U.S. Envoy to Israel " by Associated Press / Washington published Friday, May 17th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that the U.S. has plans in place to attack Iran if necessary to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons, Washington's envoy to Israel said, days ahead of a crucial round of nuclear talks with Tehran. Dan Shapiro's message resonated Thursday far beyond the closed forum in which it was made: Iran should not test Washington's resolve to act on its promise to strike if diplomacy and sanctions fail to pressure Tehran to abandon its disputed nuclear program. Read More:  

Latest in Syria!

Interesting Article: " Lebanese City Drawn Into Syrian Conflict " by Josh Wood / Lebanon published Friday, May 17th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that About a week before the start of the latest round of fighting between Sunni and Alawite militias in Lebanon’s second city, one of Tripoli’s most influential Salafi clerics received visitors in a small room inside the mosque he presides over after noon prayers. Tripoli today, he remarked offhandedly to his guests, is like the Pakistani frontier town of Peshawar that, during the Soviet Union’s occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s, acted as an integral hub for organizing fighters, arms and intelligence for the mujahedeen’s. The sheik’s comment was perhaps hyperbole, but strong connections between Tripoli and the conflict next door in Syria do exist, and they have solidified over time. Both fighters and arms have flowed from the city to the Syrian rebels trying to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad

Hakimullah Mehsud’s close associate arrested in Peshawar!

Interesting Article: " Hakimullah Mehsud’s close associate arrested in Peshawar " by DAWN / Peshawar published Tuesday, May 15th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that close associate of Hakimullah Mehsud, chief of banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and six others have been arrested from Peshawar, DawnNews reported on Monday. Mehsud’s close associate, “Hakeem,” has been arrested along with six other extremists from Peshawar’s Hayatabad phase VI and have been shifted to an undisclosed location, sources told. Read More:

Latest on Pakistan Bloccking Vital Supplies to U.S Troops!

Interesting Article: " Pakistan defers decision on NATO supply line restoration " by Xinhua / Islamabad published Wednesday, May 16th, 2012. Interesting article mentioned that Pakistani panel of top civilian and military leaders Tuesday night deferred a decision on restoration of NATO supply line, a cabinet minister and an official statement said. Information Minister Qamar-uz-Zaman, who attended the meeting, told the media that there would be more consultations before taking a final decision on restoration of NATO supply line. Read More:

Latest in Mali!

Interesting Article: " Al-Qaeda in northern Mali training recruits " by Jemal Oumar / Nouakchott published Tuesday, May 15th, 2012. Reports indicate a new al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) plan that may be under way to turn northern Mali into a base for training terrorists. AQIM is believed to have brought terrorist elements from Pakistan to provide training to new recruits in guerrilla warfare, use of various types of weapons, arms smuggling, and in laundering money collected from ransoms. This is in addition to providing advice to group leaders on how to deal with the world's war against terror. Read More:    

Mauritania Finally Stepping Up!

Interesting Article: "Death sentence upheld for Qaeda assassin" by SAPA / Mauritania published Thursday, May 17th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that A Mauritanian court upheld a death sentence handed to an Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) assassin found guilty of gunning down an American in 2009, a judicial source said Wednesday.  On June 23, 2011, Legget was shot three times in the head in central Nouakchott by armed men as he got out of his car in front of his office.  Witnesses said the attackers had tried to kidnap him, but he had strongly resisted and they killed him instead. Read More:

Terrorists resorting to killing hostages!

Interesting Article: " Jihadists threaten to kill Spanish hostage " by AFP / Bamako published Wednesday, May 16th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that a west African Al-Qaeda splinter group has threatened to kill a Spanish hostage kidnapped in western Algeria last year if their demands are not met, a spokesman said. MUJAO first emerged last December, presenting themselves as an offshoot of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, when they claimed the kidnap three months earlier of three aid workers, two Spanish and one Italian, from Tindouf, Algeria. Read More:

Terrorist Active in Karachi!

Interesting Article: " CID arrests LJ man, recovers ammunition in Karachi " by DAWN / Karachi published Wednesday, May 16th, 2012. Criminal investigation department (CID) arrested an alleged ‘terrorist’ associated with banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi (LJ) and recovered large quantity of arms and explosives, DawnNews reported. Five kilograms of explosive material, three detonators and seven meters of detonating wire have been recovered. Read More:

Terrorism Kidnapping On the Rise!

Interesting Article: " International terrorist kidnappings for ransom increase, UN Security Council says " by Associated Press / UN published Friday, May 4th, 2012. The U.N. Security Council says international terrorism is increasingly motivated by intolerance and extremism and its perpetrators are increasingly resorting to kidnapping for ransom and coordinating acts with organized crime. A presidential statement approved by the council Friday also expressed concern at the growing use of the internet and new information and communications technologies by terrorists to recruit, incite, finance and prepare their illegal activities. Read more:

Latest in Egypt!

Interesting Article: " Egypt imposes curfew in Cairo district amid violent protest " by Reuters / Cairo published Friday, May 4th, 2012. Egypt's army imposed an overnight curfew around the defence ministry in Cairo on Friday after protesters clashed with troops there during demonstrations against military rule and the exclusion of candidates from the presidential election. The street violence comes less than three weeks before an election that represents the first chance for Egyptians to freely choose their leader. A successful vote would mark the most important step in a messy transition to democracy since the overthrow of autocratic leader Hosni Mubarak 15 months ago. Read More:

Is Ahmadinejad On His Way Out?

Interesting Article: " Ahmadinejad's rivals ahead in parliamentary runoff " by NASSER KARIMI / Tehran published Friday, May 4th, 2012. Early returns in Iran's parliamentary runoff elections show conservative rivals of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ahead in many constituencies. The semiofficial Mehr news agency says the president's rivals appear to be winning most of the 65 seats that were up for grabs in the second round held Friday. The runoff was expected to cement the victory of Ahmadinejad's opponents, who already won an outright majority in the 290-member legislature in the first round of voting in March. Read More:

Latest in West Africa!

Interesting Article: " West African bloc prepares to send troops into Mali and Guinea-Bissau " by Scott Baldauf / Mali published Friday, May 4th, 2012. As military junta leaders in Mali struggle to retain control, West Africa ’s group for trade, the Economic Community for West African States, is preparing to send in troops to protect citizens and oversee a transition of power back to civilian rule. At a leadership summit held in Dakar , Senegal on Thursday, ECOWAS announced it was also preparing to send troops to the West African country of Guinea-Bissau , where another military coup toppled the civilian government of President Raimundo Pereira and his prime minister, Carlos Domingos Gomes, Jr. While the coup in Mali has drawn the most attention – with Tuareg separatist rebels taking advantage of the disarray to effectively take control of northern Mali – the two separate coups together threaten the security of the entire region, says Ivory Coast President Alassane O

Latest in Sudan!

Interesting Article: " South Sudan accuses Sudan of attacks in blow to talks " by Yara Bayoumy / KHARTOUM published Saturday, May 5th, 2012. South Sudan accused Sudan on Friday of attacking its military positions in an oil region, imperilling the chances of a promised ceasefire between the neighbours, but Khartoum denied the charge. The 1,800 km-long (1,200 mile) border between the two countries had been largely quiet for the past 48 hours, raising hopes they could begin talks to end a series of clashes over oil exports, border demarcation and citizenship that have pushed them closer towards a full-blown war. South Sudan’s army ( SPLA ) spokesman Philip Aguer said Khartoum was again on the offensive on Friday: “Today they hit our positions with ground artillery in Teshween, Lalop and Panakuach.” Read More:  

European Missil Defense Seen as an Iron Curtain!

Interesting Article: " European Missile Defense System as a New Iron Curtain " by RIANOVOSTI / Europe published Saturday, April 5th, 2012. An international conference on missile defense in Europe opened in Moscow on May 3. Washington and Moscow – the event’s major players – are still unable to find common ground: Russia insists that the missile defense system in Europe poses a threat, and the West deliberately shrugs off these concerns. The Russian General Staff is prepared to take strong measures to make its voice heard. Both sides continued to recite their monologues in a vacuum. Russia highlights the threats presented by U.S. missile defense programs, while Washington pretends not to understand what Moscow is talking about. Read More:

Bombing Resumes in Russia Ahead of Elections!

Interesting Article: " Two bombings in Russia's Causcasus region leave at least 12 dead " LA Times / Moscow published Friday, May 4th, 2012. The first explosion in Makhachkala, the capital of the restive Dagestan republic, came shortly after 10 p.m., when a car exploded near a police checkpoint in a northern suburb, killing and injuring a few police officers. About 10 minutes later, as ambulances and fire engines arrived on the scene, a much more powerful car bomb exploded in the middle of the crowd. Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin, who will be inaugurated to his third term as president Monday, often takes credit for crushing the separatist movement in neighboring Chechnya in the early 2000s in a conflict that claimed tens of thousands of lives. But experts note that resistance movements have flared in neighboring republics, including Dagestan. Read More:

Extremists in Germany Rising!

Interesting Article: " Salafists Attack Police at Far-Right Rally " by Spiegal Online / Germany published Tuesday, May 1st 2012. Radical Islamists attacked police in the western German city of Solingen on Tuesday in protest of a far-right demonstration where anti-Islamic cartoons had been put on display. Some 30 Salafists were arrested after injuring three police officers and a passerby by throwing stones and wielding poles from protest banners, police said. Pro NRW, categorized as an extremist right-wing group by Germany's domestic intelligence agency, had staged a demonstration near a Salafist mosque in Solingen. Read More:,1518,830775,00.html  

Yemen General Steps Down Amid Chaos!

Interesting Article: " General steps down after days of rejection " by Yemen Post Staff / Sanaa published Thursday, May 3rd, 2012. Tareq Mohammad Abdullah Saleh, a nephew of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, stepped down on Thursday after days negations with the UN Envoy to Yemen Jamal Benomar. President Abdu Rabo Hadi issued a month ago decrees of replacing nearly 20 officers, including Air force Chief Mohammed Saleh al-Ahmar. However Al-Ahmar and Tariq refused the decrees and only quitted after the intervention of Benomar. Read More:

Dead Terrorist calls for bio/chem attacks on the U.S!

Interesting Article: " From the grave, al-Awlaki calls for bio-chem attacks on the U.S. " by Tim Lister and Paul Cruickshank / CNN published Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012. The editor and star contributor may be dead, but that hasn't prevented al Qaeda in Yemen from issuing the eighth and ninth editions of its online English-language magazine, Inspire. The eighth edition of the high-color magazine includes the most detailed advice yet from radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki on launching attacks against Western countries. In a five-page article entitled "Targeting the Populations of Countries at War With Muslims," al-Awlaki justifies the killing of women and children and the use of chemical and biological weapons in addition to bombings and gun attacks. Read More:

Cern Physicist Jailed for Terror Plot

Interesting Article: " France jails Cern physicist Adlene Hicheur for terror plot " by BBC News / Paris published Friday, May 4th, 2012. A French court has sentenced a scientist at the prestigious Cern laboratory to five years in prison for plotting terrorist attacks. Adlene Hicheur was arrested in 2009 after police intercepted his emails to an alleged contact in al-Qaeda. The emails suggested Algerian-born Hicheur was willing to be part of an "active terrorist unit", attacking targets in France. Read More: Read More about Cern:

4 Men Charged in Al Qaeda Terror Plot!!

Interesting Article: " 4 men charged over al-Qaida terror plot " by Associated Press / Berlin published Thursday, May 3rd, 2012. Four men were charged Thursday with membership in a terrorist organization for allegedly planning to carry out an al-Qaida attack in Germany. The group's leader — 30-year-old Moroccan national Abdeladim El-Kebir — was also accused of undergoing training at a terror camp in the lawless Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, federal prosecutors said. El-Kebir allegedly recruited and indoctrinated the group's other members, whose last names weren't provided in line with German privacy laws. Read more: