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What is Lebanon saying about the Syrian situation?

Interesting Article: " Syria conflict worries Beirut, reopens divisions " by Angus MacSwan / Beirut published Friday, February 24th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that People in the Lebanese capital Beirut are watching anxiously as the increasingly bloody conflict in neighboring Syria unfolds, fearing it could spill over the border and bring a return of the violence that tore their own country apart for so long. Beirut has undergone a renaissance since the days when Muslim and Christian factions, as well as Palestinian guerrillas, clashed over a Green Line and foreign interlopers imposed their will with troops, tanks and warplanes. The bars and restaurants of Hamra and Gemmayzeh are buzzing every night with crowds of young professionals and students. So how is Lebanon handling the Syrian situation?

Will Syria's uprising receive any help?

Interesting Article: " Syria rebels will get arms 'somehow,' Hillary Clinton says " by MSNBC / London published Friday, February 24th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suggested that Syria's opposition will ultimately arm itself and said she would bet against President Bashar Assad staying in power. Her comments came as Western and Arab nations meeting on Friday prepared to demand that Syria implement an immediate cease-fire to allow aid in for desperate civilians in bombarded cities such as Homs amid an 11-month-old revolt. "There will be increasingly capable opposition forces. They will from somewhere, somehow, find the means to defend themselves as well as begin offensive measures," she added. Would you like to know more?

Al Qaeda in Syria and why they are not going away!

Interesting Article: " Congressman: Iraq War's end gives al-Qaeda opening in Syria " by Jim Michaels / Washington D.C published Wednesday, February 24th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee stated that the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq has hurt the United States' ability to blunt efforts by al-Qaeda militants to extend their reach into neighboring Syria. The U.S. government has said there are signs that al-Qaeda may be behind some of the growing violence in Syria, where rebels are attempting to overthrow President Bashar Assad. Bombings in Allepo this month and earlier attacks in Damascus bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda operations, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified recently. Would you like to know more?

Al Qaeda Plot to blow up Capitol Hill Foiled!

Interesting Article: " The 'lone wolf'--the unknowable face of terror " by Paul Cruickshank / Washington, DC published Saturday, February 18th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that the arrest of a 29-year-old Moroccan living illegally in the United States has focused attention again on the danger posed by "lone-wolf" terrorists. Amine El Khalifi has been charged with plotting to carry out a bombing on the U.S. Capitol and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against federal property. Would you like to know more?

Libya Weapons used by Al Qaeda in Algeria!

Interesting Article: " Algeria seizes missiles smuggled from Libya " by Lamine Chikhi / Algiers published Saturday, February 18th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Algerian security forces have found a large cache of weapons, including shoulder-fired missiles, which they believe were smuggled in from neighboring Libya. The find follows warnings from governments in the region that instability in Libya after the end of Muammar Gaddafi's rule is allowing weapons taken from Gaddafi's arsenal to fall into the hands of al Qaeda's North African branch and other insurgent groups across the Sahara desert. The weapons cache was discovered in the desert about 60 km (40 miles) south of In Amenas, an energy-producing Algerian region near the border with Libya, said the source, who spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity. Would you like to know more?

Al Qaeda part of Syrian Revolution!

Interesting Article: " Al Qaeda on rise in Syria, has 'marriage of convenience' with Iran, US intelligence director says " by Fox News / Washington D.C published Friday, February 17th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that the nation's top intelligence adviser told Congress on Thursday that Al Qaeda "is extending its reach into Syria" -- possibly with Iran's help. In a rare public admission, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Al Qaeda and the Iranian regime have a "shotgun marriage, or marriage of convenience." More significantly, given the series of attacks this week linked to Iran, Clapper said Tehran appears to see Al Qaeda as an insurance policy -- a "surrogate or proxy" -- against future Western aggression. Would you like to know more?

Iranian Assasins in Thailand!

Interesting Article: " 'Bangkok bombers' were assassins not terrorists, says Thai official " by Kate Hodal / Bangkok published Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that the three "Bangkok bombers" suspected of attempting to carry out an attack in Bangkok are more likely to be assassins than terrorists, a senior Thai security official has said. This potentially corroborates Israel's claims the three men were thwarted in an Iranian assassination plot similar to earlier attacks on Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia. The official said the nationalities of the suspects had yet to be confirmed. "They have Iranian passports and documents, but we haven't concluded that they are in fact Iranian, which is why we are looking in detail at this case," he said. Would you like to know more?

Egypt's Next President!

Interesting Article: " Cleric says ex-Brotherhood man best for Egypt presidency " by Tom Perry / Cairo published Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood is the best of the Egyptian presidential candidates to have emerged so far, according to a high-profile Islamic cleric has said, support that could help his chances in the race to become the next head of state. Sheikh Yousef al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian cleric based in Qatar, described Abdel Moneim Abol Fotoh as the "leading candidate" from a field including former Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, a liberal and former foreign minister. Would you like to know more?

How Israel will Attack Iran!

Interesting Article: " Israeli attack on Iran would be complex operation " by Jim Michaels / Washington, DC published Monday, February 13, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that an Israeli attack on Iran would be complex operation. If Israel attacked Iran's nuclear facilities, the strike would probably take the form of a complex air assault involving scores of planes that would have to penetrate Iranian air defenses and attack up to a couple of dozen targets simultaneously. "This would be way more sophisticated than anything that's ever been done before," said Charles Wald, a retired Air Force general who led the coalition air campaign in Afghanistan that helped topple the Taliban. Would you like to know more?

Iran Attacking Israeli Ambassadors!

Interesting Article: " As diplomats targeted, Israel blames Iran " by Dan Williams / Jerusalem published Monday, February 13th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Israel accused arch-enemies Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah of being behind twin bomb attacks that targeted embassy staff in India and Georgia on Monday, wounding four people. Police in the Indian capital New Delhi said a bomb wrecked a car carrying an embassy official as she was going to pick up her children from school. The woman needed surgery to remove shrapnel but her life was not in danger, officials said. Her driver and two passers-by suffered lesser injuries. Israeli officials said an attempt to bomb an embassy car in the Georgian capital Tbilisi failed. The device was defused. Would you like to know more?

Al Qaeda welcomes Al Shabab into their Arms!

Interesting Article: " Al-Shabab, Al Qaeda: Linkup of groups in decline? " by Associated Press / Nairobi published Friday, February 10th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that al Qaeda's decision to formally extend its terror franchise to what once was a nationalist movement in Somalia may only be a desperate joining of hands to prop up two militant groups that are both losing popular support and facing increasingly deadly military attacks, analysts said Friday. Somalia's main militant group, al-Shabab, and Al Qaeda have been patting each other on the back for years. On Thursday, Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri formalized the relationship by giving "glad tidings" that al-Shabab had joined Al Qaeda. Would you like to know more?

Al Qaeda Gaining Ground in Syria!

Interesting Article: " Al-Qaeda behind Syria blasts: US " by Jonathan Landay / Syria published Sunday February 12th, 2012. An interesting article mentioned that according to U.S Officials, the Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda, seeking to exploit the bloody turmoil in Syria to reassert its potency, carried out two recent bombings in the Syrian capital, Damascus, and was probably behind Friday's suicide blasts that killed at least 28 people in the largest city, Aleppo. The officials cited US intelligence reports on the incidents, which appear to verify Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's charges of al-Qaeda involvement in the 11-month uprising against his rule. The Syrian opposition has claimed that Dr Assad's regime, which has responded with massive force against the uprising, staged the bombings to discredit the pro-democracy movement calling for his removal. The international terrorist network's presence in Syria also raises the possibility that Islamic extremists w

Radical Islamists Taking over Maldives!

Interesting Article: " Maldives President Agrees to Investigation " by VOA news / Maldives published Saturday, February 11th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that the new president of the Maldives has agreed to a probe about his rise to power. Mohammed Waheed Hassan told U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake Saturday that he was willing to submit to an independent investigation about his political takeover. Blake was sent to the Indian Ocean nation to help mediate the country's deepening political crisis.  He met Saturday with Hassan and former president Mohamed Nasheed. Mr. Nasheed resigned Tuesday after numerous calls by protesters and police officers for him to step down. He said he was the victim of a military-backed coup.  His former deputy, Hassan, was sworn in as president hours later. Washington recognized Hassan's administration Thursday, but then stepped back from the declaration, saying circumstances surrounding the transfer of power needed

Iran About to Reveal big Nuclear News!

Interesting Article: " Iran to announce 'major nuclear progress' " by Guardian / Tehran published Saturday, February 11th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated on February 11th, that Iran will soon announce "very important" nuclear achievements. Speaking at a rally in Tehran to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution, Ahmadinejad also said Iran would never give up its uranium enrichment program. "In the coming days the world will witness Iran's announcement of its very important and very major nuclear achievements," Ahmadinejad told a crowd at Tehran's Azadi [Freedom] Square broadcast on state television. Would you like to know more?

Yemen wants to talk to al Qaeda!

Interesting Article: " Yemen offers dialogue with al Qaeda " by Hakim Almasmari / Sanaa published Sunday, February 5th, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Yemen's highest military authority Sunday announced its willingness to open channels of dialogue with al Qaeda in hopes of reaching a long-term cease-fire agreement. The military committee was formed as part of the power transfer deal in November. Spokesman Ali Saeed Obaid told CNN that the new Yemeni military leadership is opening its hands and will seek new solutions with al Qaeda fighters. Al Qaeda currently controls large areas in the southern Abyan and Shabwa provinces of Yemen. The committee is hoping that al Qaeda lays down its arms and participates in seeking change democratically, like the millions in Yemen," Obaid said, adding that al Qaeda would in return handover all territories under its control to the military and evacuate government posts. Al Qaeda has not yet responded to the offer, the co

Iran says they will help any organization attack Israel!

Interesting Article: " We'll back any nation fighting Zionist regime " by Reuters / Tehran published Friday, February 3rd, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Friday that Iran would support any nation that wants to confront Israel. "I have no fear of saying that we will back and help any nation or group that wants to confront and fight against the Zionist regime (Israel),” He also stated that the Islamic Republic would not yield to international pressure to abandon its nuclear course, threatening retaliation for sanctions aimed at Iran's oil exports. Want to know more?

Iran Closer to weaponizing a Nuke!

Interesting Article: " Israel says Iran has material for four A-bombs " by Jeffrey Heller / Jerusalem published Thursday, February 2, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Israel estimated on Thursday that Iran could make four atomic bombs by further enriching uranium it has already stockpiled, and could produce its first within a year of deciding to build one. Citing figures similar to those from the U.N. nuclear agency, Major-General Aviv Kochavi, chief of military intelligence told Israel's annual Herzliya Conference on strategic affairs: "Iran has accumulated more than 4 tons of uranium enriched to a level of 3.5 percent and nearly 100 kilos at an enrichment level of 20 percent.”This amount of material is already enough for four atomic bombs." Want to know more?

Indonesia and Terrorism!

Interesting Article: " Study shows how young radical Indonesian Muslims become terr orists" by Mathyas Hariyadi / Indonesia published Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that the Setara Institute has just released the results of a field research study in Yogyakarta and Central Java conducted in mid-January. It found that a number of radical Muslim activists in Central Java cities have become Jihadists. For the institute, this means that many radical Muslim groups are acting as “incubators” for actual terrorists in Indonesia. The institute’s field research followed a shocking suicide bomb attack against a police station in Cirebon, West Java, in April 2011, which claimed the life of the attacker, Syarif, as well as a bomb attack against a Protestant church in Surakarta in Central Java in September 2011. The church attacker, Ahmad Yosepa Halyat, aka Ahmad Abu Daud, aka Raharjo, aka Hayat, was also killed in the incident. Want to know more?

Cyber War!

Interesting Article: " FBI Director Says Cyberthreat Will Surpass Threat From Terrorists " by Jason Ryan / Washington DC published Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Threats from cyber-espionage, computer crime, and attacks on critical infrastructure will surpass terrorism as the number one threat facing the United States. FBI Director Robert Mueller and National Intelligence Director James Clapper, addressing the annual Worldwide Threat hearing before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, cited their concerns about cyber-security and noted that China and Russia run robust intrusion operations against key U.S. industries and the government. Want to Know more?

Irans possible actions in the United States!

Interesting Article: " US spy chief: Iran could launch terrorist attacks on US soil if it feels threatened " by Associated Press / London published Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that Iran is likely to launch terrorists attacks on US soil if the isolated Islamist regime feels threatened, American intelligence officials believe. Citing last year's thwarted Iranian plot to kill the Saudi ambassador in the US, 'some Iranian officials — probably including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei... are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived U.S. actions that threaten the regime,' Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee Tuesday. Want to know more?

Predicting Terrorism!

Interesting Article: " Terrorist Attack Map Shows Terrorism 'Hot Spots' Across U.S. " by Huffington Post / Washington, DC published Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 An interesting article spoke about researchers at the University of Maryland (UMD) and the University of Massachusetts, Boston (UMB) who have created a detailed map of where terrorism attacks have occurred since 1970 - and it reveals some big surprises. The map's accompanying study, conducted at the UMD's National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), found that while certain areas (those surrounding Manhattan and Los Angeles, for example) have endured as terror 'hot spots' throughout the study, others have come and go. In the 2000s, for example, there has been a higher-than-average rate of attacks in Maricopa County, AZ, Phoenix's county. King County, WA, on the other hand, was a terror hot spot in the 1970s and 1980s, but has been largely quiet since.

London Stock Exchange part of Terrorist Plot to be blown up!

Interesting Article: " Four men admit London Stock Exchange bomb plot " by BBC News /  London published Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 An interesting article mentioned that four men inspired by al-Qaeda have admitted planning to detonate a bomb at the London Stock Exchange. The men, from London and Cardiff, were arrested in December 2010 and were set to stand trial. It emerged that those who admitted planning to target the London Stock Exchange wanted to send five mail bombs to various targets during the run up to Christmas 2010 and discussed launching a "Mumbai-style" atrocity. Would you like to know more?