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Terrorism Report for 2019! (Prediction for the Next Terrorist Hot Spot: AFRICA!)

Interesting Article: " Terrorist attacks will be harder to prevent " by Amanda Erickson. The Washington Post. December 28 2018. An interesting article mentioned that Terrorism was down around the world and data collected by the University of Maryland shows that the number of terrorist attacks has dropped every year since 2015. That may not hold in 2019 and we will see more action from 1 continent in the world more than any other. Would you like to know more?

The rise and re-emergence of the Taliban!

Interesting Article: " How a Taliban Assassin Got Close Enough to Kill a General " by Thomas Gibbons-Neff, 2 November 2018. The New York Times. An interesting article mentioned that a Taliban operation months in the making succeeded in breaching a high-level meeting, killing a powerful Afghan general and a provincial intelligence chief, wounding an Afghan governor and an American general — and barely missing the commander of United States and NATO forces and other officials standing nearby. The ambush last month also took the life of one the nation’s most important bulwarks against the Taliban: Gen. Abdul Raziq, the police chief of Kandahar Province. Just two days after the attack, an Afghan soldier was reported to have opened fire on NATO forces after an argument over the killing of General Raziq. Aside from airstrikes, we largely retreated into a defensive posture in the weeks after the attack. Joint operations were cut back, and interactions between officials were mos

We Will Never Forget!

Today, we can thank those early Agency paramilitary teams—and women and men who followed from across the Armed Forces and the Intelligence Community, the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, State, Treasury, and others—for waging an exceptionally effective campaign against an adversary unlike any in our Nation’s history. - Director Brennan