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Al Qaeda, Mali and the Future Jihadists of the World!

Interesting Article: " Malian rebels have ‘destructive power’ of an army: colonel " by Dawn / Gao (Mali) published Sunday, February 24, 2013 An interesting article mentioned that Islamists in northern Mali have the “destructive power” of an army. “What we have here, it’s indicative of an army, or groups that have the capacity of an army,” said Gao commander Laurent Mariko, showing the stockpile of weapons to reporters. Al Qaeda-linked armed Islamists had occupied Gao, the north’s largest city, for nine months before the French and Malian forces retook it on Jan 26 in a lightning offensive that drove radical fighters from major cities. But since fleeing Gao under the French-led advance, militiamen regrouped on its outskirts and infiltrated the city a few days ago to attack the Malian forces newly in control. Would you like to know more?

The Al Qaeda threat of 2013!

Interesting Article " Fighting al Qaeda in the Post-bin Laden Era " by Aki Peritz, Washington, DC Published Tuesday, February 6th, 2013. An interesting article mentioned that French and Malian troops have almost fully liberated northern Mali from al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, known as AQIM, and the other jihadists who turned much of the country into a neo-Taliban state. Let's take this opportunity to reflect on how to wage war against al Qaeda in the post-Osama bin Laden era. Would you like to know more?