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Head of Indian 26/11 massacre Arrested!

Interesting Article: "India arrests suspect in Mumbai terrorist attacks" by Richard Lindell / India published Tuesday, June 16th, 2012.

An interesting article mentioned that Abu Hamza, also known as Sayed Zabiuddin, was detained by police at Delhi international airport late last week. The 30-year-old is alleged to have coordinated the 10 terrorists who attacked various targets in Mumbai. From a base in the Pakistani city of Karachi, Hamza allegedly issued instructions by telephone to the 10 Islamist gunmen as they stormed two luxury hotels, a Jewish centre, a restaurant and a train station in Mumbai. Would you like to know more?

Hamza was born in India and is alleged to be closely affiliated with the Lashker-e-Taiba militant group. After tracking him for more than three years, security agencies arrested alleged Lashker-e-Taiba ultra and the Hindi tutor of 10 terrorists who carried out the audacious attack in Mumbai in 2008.

The 30-year-old Ansari alias Abu Jindal, who hails from Georai area of Beed district in Maharashtra, was arrested on June 21 when he arrived in India from a Gulf country, official sources said on Monday. India had also secured an Interpol Red Corner notice against him in which he was accused of crimes involving the use of weapons, explosives and terrorism. According to the officials associated with the probe, Ansari had told Lashker terrorists carrying out attack in Nariman House to convey to the media that the "attack was a trailer and the entire movie was yet to come". The voice was that of Ansari and after this his activities were traced before he was finally nabbed in a Gulf country, according to officials.

In the intercepted tapes, Ansari was also heard using typical Hindi words like "prashasan" (government) and was directing the terrorists to conceal their Pakistani identity and identify themselves from Deccan Mujahideen hailing from Toli Chowk in Hyderabad. His presence was also stated by Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorist arrested during the Mumbai attack, in his deposition before a special court. He told the court that one person by the name of Abu Jindal had tutored 10 terrorists on how to speak Hindi. Missing since 2005, Ansari, who had undergone training at Indian Technical Institute in Beed, had a sudden rise in the ranks of Lashker-e-Taiba after he was indoctrinate by banned SIMI post Gujarat riots in 2002.

Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy told reporters that Abu Hamza was also involved in the Aurangabad arms haul case of 2006, after which he was declared as absconding. In May 2006, a cache of explosives was found in a car (MHA4 4380). It contained 10 AK 47s, 2,000 live cartridges and 10 packages of 40 rounds. Subsequently, another car (MH 20 U 1240) was intercepted and 13 kg of RDX, six AK 47s, 22 live rounds and 1200 cartridges were recovered.
On June 21, the Intelligence Branch took custody of Abu Hamza, on his deportation from Saudi Arabia at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi and later on June 25, formally handed him over to Delhi Police, that announced the arrest, for him to be produced at the New Delhi Court for trial.

The Lashker-e-Taiba has been emulating the example of the Palestinian terrorist organizations in allotting kuniyats (assumed names) to its field operatives in order to conceal their real identity. These kuniyats are chosen from the names of the Companions of the Holy Prophet. The Palestinian terrorist organizations generally follow the principle of allotting one kuniyat to one operative. Till that operative dies, the same kuniyat is not allotted to any other operative. The Lashkar does not follow any such practice. Sometimes, the same kuniyat is allotted to more than one operative and sometimes the same operative is allotted more than one kuniyat. This makes identification difficult.

Since the LeT started operating in Indian territory in 1993, it has been frequently using the kuniyat Abu Hamza. In the late 1990s, the man in charge of publicity and propaganda in the LeT headquarters in Muridke in Pakistani Punjab used to be called Abu Hamza. In 2002, the Tamil Nadu police had arrested some Tamil Muslims who had formed an organization called Muslim Defense Force. They reportedly stated during their interrogation that they were motivated to form the MDF by one Abu Hamza, alias Abdul Bari, an Indian Muslim living in Saudi Arabia and associated with the LeT, and one Abu Omar, a Pakistani Muslim working there, after the Gujarat riots.

The kuniyats Abu Hamza and Abu Jindal had figured in the investigation reports regarding the involvement of Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari, reportedly of Georai area of Beed district in Maharashtra, in the terrorist attack on some suburban trains of Mumbai in July, 2006, and in the 26/11 terrorist strikes in Mumbai. Ajmal Kasab, the lone survivor of the 10-member Pakistani terrorist team of the LeT which attacked Mumbai on 26/11, had reportedly stated during his interrogation by the Mumbai police that one of the Karachi-based conspirators who had trained the 10 members of the LeT team, and taught them Hindi was known as Abu Jindal. From the description of his, he appeared to be an Indian Muslim.

Sayed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Hamza, Abu Jundal are his known aliases. Zabiuddin had lived in Pakistan for sometime after which he moved to Saudi Arabia where he worked as a teacher. He is known to have used at least ten aliases. Jundal also stayed for sometime in Bangladesh
The first tip-off about his presence in Saudi Arabia was given by a terrorist who was arrested by the Indian security agencies in connection with the 2010 Jama Masjid attack.

The question will arise as to how Abu Hamza arrested by the Pakistani authorities on February 12, 2009, managed to go to Saudi Arabia? Did he escape due to negligence or complicity or was he quietly released by the Pakistani authorities or is his landing in the hands of the Delhi police the result of back channel co-operation between the intelligence agencies of India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia consequent upon the recent visit of the director of our Intelligence Bureau to Islamabad as a member of the Indian officials' team headed by our home secretary for talks with their Pakistani counterparts.

However, if back channel co-operation had played no role and if the complicity of the Pakistani agencies with the LeT had played a role in this matter, the implications could be more serious, indicating that the Pakistani agencies want to resume mass casualty terrorist strikes in Indian territory using the LeT once again. This would call for the utmost alertness by our agencies.

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