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German Al Qaeda!

Interesting Article: "German Man Arrested over Alleged Al Qaeda Plot" by ASSOCIATED PRESS / Berlin published Thursday, December 8, 2011

An interesting article mentioned that federal prosecutors have arrested a 27-year-old German man on charges he was part of an Al Qaeda bomb plot in Europe. Suspect Halil S. was arrested in Bochum on charges of membership in a terrorist organization. The suspect is accused of providing financial and logistical support for three other suspects arrested in April on suspicion they were making a bomb. So, what group is active in Germany that supports al Qaeda?

In another development, last Tuesday, a Munich court found a 31-year-old German man guilty of recruiting members for al Qaeda and supporting the terror group by spreading propaganda videos online. The state court sentenced Renee Marc Sepac to three and half years in prison. The court says he travelled in May 2007 to Tehran in a bid to get to an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. But, after failing to meet up with a smuggler to get him across the border to the camp, he returned home a few days later. He is one of eight members of a German branch of the extremist Global Islamic Media Front. The group used blogs and other forums to spread propaganda between August 2006 and March 2008. The Global Islamic Media Front – GIMF is the European propaganda arm [in support] of Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic organizations. GIMF is made up of Muslims living in Europe, especially in Germany and Austria. The group began, in the first stage, with distributing Jihadi footages through the web, filmed in Iraq by various Islamic insurgency groups such as Ansar al Islam. Then GIMF distributed instructions how to promote Jihad, to behave in a police raid etc’. GIMF became a coherent part of worldwide radical Islamic websites who cooperated which each other like al-Firdaws Network, which is an Islamic forum, Samir-Khan's websites or al-Falluja website. The degree of cooperation and coordination with the media branch of Al Qaeda – As-Sahab, is unknown, if at all. The organization runs, since mid 2006, a web based TV channel "Voice of the Caliphate". On 09/12/2007 the Austrian police arrested members of the group in Vienna. Two more suspects were arrested in Germany on 11/28/2008. According to the Danish tabloid 'Ekstra Bladet', on 10/25/2010, an unnamed German police officer told the media that Rene Marc Sepac, along with his 23-year-old sister Vivian, was among 8 people charged in Germany on suspicion of spreading Al Qaeda propaganda on the Internet. The German prosecutor's office said the suspects attempted to lure recruits to Al Qaeda with online propaganda. What is interesting is that the Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan’s (TTP) Umar Studio (now called Umar Media) was having its media materials distributed online via the GIMF.  In an article published at Foreign Policy‘s AFPAK Channel on the TTP’s media campaign and networks, the distribution of TTP media provides further evidence of the Pakistani movement’s connections to transnational Sunni jihadism. A lot of recent TTP videos and statements have been issued via the GIMF’s Al-Qadisiyyah Media outfit as opposed to Umar Studio. Interestingly, distribution has previously been carried out by the Al-Fajr Media Center, a shadowy media network that facilitates the distribution of all media materials from Al-Qa’ida Central (AQC), Al-Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI)/Al-Qa’ida in the Land of the Two Rivers-Iraq (AQI), and Al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb. Al-Fajr also distributes videos from the Urdu-language jihadi-takfiri media outlet Hittin. I guess given the recent activity in Germany-the world has one less outlet that terrorists can use to get their ridiculous messages out.




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